3 Apr 2012

Sisters' Resource Circle

Sisters' Resource Circle

Child-friendly Gatherings for Women

To Pool Resources for the Pleasure of Allah insha Allah

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Wed April 4th and Wed April 11th

Edinburgh Central Mosque Multifunction Hall (opp library)

The circle includes:

Pray and Play

Insha Allah we will begin with time for children to settle into play and for women to connect and perhaps partner up to share child-supervision and take turns to pray/ read the Qur'an

Reflections through the Qur'an Workshop

After reading English translations of selected ayah from the Qur'an insha Allah we will reflect on their relevance to us at this time

Resource Cycle of Children's Items

Sisters wishing to give away children's items such as clothes, toys and books will have opportunities to show or describe their offerings for others to accept as desired insha Allah

Sisters' Resource Circle is a joint project by the

Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh and Wisdom in Nature

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