1 Sep 2010

Can You Help Us? Financial APPEAL for Print Copies of Islam & Climate Photo-booklet

Whilst we have finally launched the online version of our popular colour booklet, Islam & Climate Change ~ A Call to Heal, (downloadable for free), we still haven't yet had our first batch of copies printed. The reason is simple: Finances. As a grassroots organisation we need money from people like You to be able to do this.

To get the first batch printed (we are going for recycled paper, using a printing company with
a strong ethical stance) we need at least an additional £800 for one-thousand copies of the 20-page colour booklet. We ask if you would be willing to help us reach this amount so we can have copies available as soon as possible. They would be distributed for free with donations suggested (which will help cover the next batch and so on! - this would make it sustainable in the longer run!)

Our bank account details are on our donate page

If you have any questions please contact us, or feel free to use the comments tag at the bottom of this blog post.

With thanks from the Wisdom In Nature team for any financial help you can give us.


  1. Following our call-out inviting donations towards printing, here's an update:

    Amount needed: £800
    Amount pledged: £450 of which £150 received - Thank You :)
    Amount still needed: £350

    Please consider giving any amount towards this as in the post: e.g. £5, £10, £20, £50 etc..

    Many thanks from Wisdom In Nature for supporting this important work

  2. Update: We received a further 100 pounds. Thank you.

    We just need a further 250 pounds to reach the target to get the printing going.

    Those donating £20 or more will be sent a free copy of the booklet (Just email us your postal address via ) - On transfer of funds please ensure you ask your bank to make your name visible on our statement.

  3. UPDATE: In the last few days we have received three further donations totalling £155. Received with gratitude.

    AMOUNT NOW NEEDED: Just £95 more is needed.

    We are getting there! Please consider giving any amount towards this as in the post: e.g. £5, £10, £20, £50 etc..


    Since our group formed a few years ago, a few people have kindly set up a standing order. We really appreciate this as it provides us with regular dosh albeit a small amount. However, as our work has grown, so have our needs. We thus need more people to give something on a regular basis, and this will give us with a much stronger financial base. If you really like what we do (secretly or otherwise!), and want our work to grow, please consider donating monthly: e.g. £2, £5, £10 per month.. This will be sooo appreciated, and as we spend wisely, every penny goes that much further. Further details explaining how you can easily do this are here :

    Many thanks from Wisdom In Nature for supporting this important work.

  4. UPDATE: We now just need a further £45. Please help towards this if you would like to, and are able.

  5. UPDATE: Good news! We have now raised the full £800 we needed to print a batch of one thousand copies of the booklet. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this project in whatever way they were able. We are now liaising with the printers and hope to have print copies soon that we can then offer at events.

    In peace,