28 Apr 2013

Peace News Summer Camp 2013: Taking a Lead from the Global South, 25-29July, Norfolk

 Here's info about a progressive annual camp organised by our friends at Peace News (Note: It is during Ramadan)....

Thurs 25 July - Mon 29 July 2013, near Diss, Norfolk

Book your tickets online here:

This year’s camp is organised by activists of colour/people with a global majority heritage. We invite you to join us and others from across the broad spectrum of the peace movement and radical activism for five days of workshops, entertainment and network building!

Taking a Lead From the Global South will be a core strand of the workshop programme, which will include:

- Standing our ground: Peace Communities nonviolently taking back their land in Colombia
- Between NATO, the warlords and the Taliban: Peace activism in Afghanistan
- Finger on the trigger: Western nuclear terrorism since 1945
- Demonising Muslims: Why Islamophobia is more popular than ever
- After Chavez: Social movements in Venezuela
- Turning the world upside down: Global feminisms
- Deschooling society: A Black perspective
- A culture of resistance: The story of Pan-Africanism

When: 25 – 29 July 2013
Where: Near Diss, Norfolk

Peace News Summer Camp is an annual five-day, family-friendly event that attempts to embody many of the characteristics of the future society towards which we’re working – inclusive, democratic, participatory, renewably-powered and environmentally sustainable. It’s an opportunity for a broad spectrum of activists working for radical social change to come together and develop our goals, priorities, knowledge, strategy, skills and networks in support of our different movements, be they anti-capitalist, anti-cuts, anti-racist, anti-war, counter-militarist, disability, environmental, feminist, LGBTQ, or other movements for liberation.

There will be workshops and discussions, practical skills sessions, delicious vegan food, music, film, and participatory entertainment, a bar, a campfire, and activities and facilities for kids and families.

The theme for this year’s camp is TAKING A LEAD FROM THE GLOBAL SOUTH. We’ll be creating opportunities to:

- celebrate what movements in the Global South have contributed to movements in the UK
- discover what movements in the North can learn from those in the Global South
- make global connections between local struggles
- think about what it means to build real solidarity with activists in the Global South


For this fifth Peace News Summer Camp, for the first time the organising committee are all of global majority heritage. This is an expression of the commitment of Peace News, and of the Summer Camp, to work against racism, and to give an opportunity for new ideas and voices to enter. The new organising collective has added these dimensions to the agenda of the camp:

- celebrating what global majority activists have accomplished in struggles for social change around the world
- helping us better understand and overcome the racism of the societies in which we live
- helping us to understand the connections between racism and other forms of oppression, including those based on disability, class, gender, sexuality and age
- giving us an opportunity to learn more about how racism is affecting our struggles and ourselves and to think about how we can move forward in rooting it out

Peace News Summer Camp is an inclusive event, open to everyone who’s been before, and to everyone else – from all racial and cultural backgrounds – who would like to explore radical ideas and share social change skills.


The camp costs £20-£70 depending upon income (for those over 14). Payment can be made by cheque, online or by phone:
- online purchases here []
- 0207 278 3344 for purchases by phone
- Send cheques (payable to “Peace News” to Peace News, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DY), explaining how many tickets you’re purchasing and at which rates

Food (3 meals a day and drinks) will cost £6-£11 a day for over-14s, depending on income, and should be ordered before the camp starts. Individuals meals will be available to buy at the camp. Food tickets will be available from late April. 

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